Ferry Point & China Camp


Beach at Ferry Point

Ferry Point, at the Southern tip of Miller/Knox Regional Park, is an official San Francisco Bay Water Trail site.  Miller/Knox is a 295 acre park on the Eastern side of San Francisco Bay in the city of Richmond, operated by the East Bay Regional Park District and home to the Golden State Model Railroad Museum.

Beach at China Camp

China Camp is a 1,514 acre park on the Western side of San Francisco Bay, operated by California State Parks. Following the U.S. annexation of California in 1846, the land was used as a dairy ranch, quarry and brickyard. In the 1880s, Chinese Americans established a shrimp-fishing village at the site, supporting approximately 500 people and giving the place its current name. The non-profit organization Friends of China Camp operates the camp on behalf of the state.

The park was originally inhabited by the Coast Miwok peoples whose numbers were decimated following the establishment of Mission San Rafael Arcangel, by the Spanish in 1775 in nearby San Rafael.